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Klein Vignettes are welcomed. Please submit them directly into this website under Submitted Vignettes, or send them to Wolfgang Weigel or any other member of the Design Group.

Please read the How to Contribute for Klein Vignettes as you prepare your submission.

We ask authors to include their name as "Originating Author", to acknowledge the first version of the vignette. This is a wiki site, so vignettes can be changed. Originating authors are welcome to remove their name if the vignette changes to a form to which they do not wish to be associated.

Submitted Vignettes will undergo an approval process by the Design Group. This process is not a review, but an acknowledgement that the vignette meets the criteria of the Klein Project.

Originating Authors are donating their work to the Klein Project. The work is protected under the terms of Creative Commons copyright.

(We are still working out the best way to mount articles with mathematical diagrams and symbols on wiki--any help would be appreciated....)

Submitted Vignettes (Not reviewed at the moment)

Approved Vignettes

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