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The “Projeto Klein em Língua Portuguesa” is a four-year project with significant funding from the Braziian Government under the Directorship of Yuriko Yamamoto Baldin (the Brazilian ICMI Representative, University São Carlos).

The first meeting took place in Belo Horizonte at the Federal University of Minas Gerais on July 5 and 6, 2010, organised by Yuriko Yamamoto Baldin (University São Carlos ), Mario Jorge Dias Carneiro (University UFMG) and Marcelo Viana (IMPA, Member of the IMU EC). There were forty participants, including representatives from the five organizations which constitute the steering committee of the project: SBM-Brazilian Mathematical Society, SBEM-Brazilian Society for Mathematics Education, SBHMat-Brazilian Society for History of Mathematics, SBMAC-Brazilian Society for Applied and Computational Mathematics, and OBMEP- Brazilian Mathematical Olympiads for Public Schools.

The three invited speakers were Michèle Artigue (Klein Project Design Team, University of Paris VII)), Jaime Carvalho e Silva (Secretary General of ICMI, Quimbra University) and José Francisco Rodrigues (organizer of the first Klein Conference in Madeira, University….). The themes selected for this workshop were Numbers and Functions, and activities alternated between the plenary talks and group sessions that prepared material on these themes.

A full report on the outcome of the group discussions is being produced and will be uploaded to the Brazilian website for the project that will be linked to the Klein Project website.

The next workshop is scheduled for 16 and 17 October in João Pessoa with the themes of Arithmetic and Algebra.

For further information, please email Yuriko Baldin.

August, 2010.